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The British people are a West Germanic ethnic group native to Britain in the United Kingdom. A lot of times, British people are referred to a "Brits" or "Britons" or also "Englishmen". Since there are some Arab, African and East Asian ethnic groups in Britain, British people can also refer to people born in Britain regardless of their ancestry or ethnic origin. Because of their seafaring skills, the British were able to conquer one of the biggest empires in history, colonizing territories in all seven continents.

History, Origin and EtymologyEdit


Winston Churchill became one of England's most influential prime ministers, he played a crucial role in World War II

Like many countries in western Europe, the island known as Great Britain had been part of the Roman Empire. The island was known as Britannia analogous to the names of other Roman territories. Such as Hispania which refers to the ancient Roman territory in the Iberian Peninsula consisting of both Spain and Portugal.[1] British people descended from three groups of people, the Angles, Saxons and the Celts. These were all Germanic tribes, Vikings had also existed in the area. The Angles and Saxons drove the Celts back to the northern part of what is now the United Kingdom. The Anglo-Saxon language, would eventually develop into the language we come to know today as English. During the Medieval Ages, Great Britain would develop into several Germanic and Celtic empires.[2] King Arthur is a popular character in British legend. According to British legend, King Arthur defended the empire from the Saxons.[3] In the 1500s, the British would begin to expand its territories throughout the entire world. Due to seafaring skills, the British would conquer one of the overseas largest empires ever. The slogan "The sun never sets in the British Empire" was often used due to the mass size of the empire. The British Empire surpassed the Spanish Empire, another very large overseas empire. In 1776, what is now the United States declared their independance from the British Empire. The British people would find themselves fighting in World War I and World War II. In World War II, the British fought the Nazi Germans as they swept through Europe. The British troops played an important role in contributing to the D-Day Invasion of Normandy. The British people still hold to their royal heritage. Kings and queens are involved in British parliment. But they only play a historical role and they make no decisions in which laws are passed in British government. Due to the immigrations to the United Kingdom, British people also have a lot of Arab and African origin.

By CountryEdit


George Washington, a Founding Father was a British-American

British people make up the majority population of England. There are 62,436,000 British people living in England. But this statistic simply refers to British citizens regardless of their race or ethnicity.[4] In Hong Kong, there are 3,000,000 ethnic British living in the region.[5] In the United States, Canada and Australia, British people make up the largest ancestries. In Canada, there are 603,000 ethnic British living in the country and 12,134,745 Canadians of British ancestry.[6] In the United States, almost all Americans have some kind of traces to England. In Australia, there are 1,300,000 ethnic British living in the country/continent and there are 10,000,000 Australians of British ancestry. The Founding Fathers of the United States were direct descendants of British immigrants. There are 678,000 ethnic British people living in the United States and 40,234,652 Americans of British ancestry.[7] Also note that many of the British Muslims are of Arab origins from Iraq. There are also African British people.


British people speak the English language. The English language itself is a descandant of the Anglo-Saxon l
Beowulf firstpage

Ancient English (Anglo-Saxon)

anguage, the language that the peoples in what is now the United Kingdom were speaking. The English language is part of the western Germanic languages.[8] English is spoken just about in every world major country, and has been declared the worldwide lingua franca. English is the de facto language in the United States, although the government has no recorded official federal language. English is an official language in Canada, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Belize, Pakistan, East Timor and India. Much more other countries use English as an international lingua franca.[9] The countries listed simply record English as an official language according to their governments. Like almost every other language, the English language has differences in every region and country. The English spoken in the United States contains innumerable amounts of Italic Romance influence to the extent that American English is classified under the Italic Romance languages. British English retains more of its Germanic and Anglo-Saxon properties.[10] The English spoken in Australia contains a lot of slang, to the extent where it sounds like another language. The English spoken in India, Pakistan and Belize is based off of British English, while other countries like the Philippines and East Timor use American English.

Religion and ArchitectureEdit


The Lincoln Cathedral is considered the "first skyscraper" surpassing the Giza Pyramids

Most British people are followers of the Protestant section of Christianity. But there are also a significant amount of British Muslims making Islam and Christianity the predominant religions practiced by British people. But the British people who profess the Islamic faith aren't of Anglo-Saxon or any type of Germanic or Celtic origin. Most of the British Muslims are ethnic Arabs and descendants of Arab immigrants. Historically, British people had been Pagans and Roman Catholics. Due to wars and conflicts, the Roman Catholic Church was expelled from the United Kingdom. British architecture mostly comprises of Gothic architecture. For this is what dominates and influences the British religions. Churches and cathdrals in England are built Gothic style.[11] The Big Ben is located in London, the capital city of England. The Big Ben was built for the Palace of Westminster. This is one of the world's largest clock towers and is a world UNESCO site.


Throughout history, British cusine has been labled as one of the most dull cuisines. But recently, that has changed as British cuisine has now become a rather world famous cuisine. British cuisine consists of local and high quality

Fish and chips

ingredients. Sunday roast is an English dish, which is any roasted meats such as chicken, beef or lamb and served with mashed or boiled potatoes as a side. Due to America's history as a British colony, this dish has also become part of American cuisine. In fact, British cuisine serves as the main stock for American cuisine. Tea is a popular beverage in England. Although tea is no longer drunken in a formal manner as people have stereotyped it to be. Sausages and eggs are part of a typical British breakfast, this too has influenced American cuisine and typical with American families as well. Fish and chips are one of the most popular take-out British cuisines. This is one England's most identified dishes. Chips is the British English word for french fries, not the typical potato chips eaten from a bag. Cod, haddock and huss are popular fishes used in British cooking. Meat pies are a common dessert in British cuisine. Various pastries and meats can be used to make English meat pies. Sandwiches are also said to have derived from English-British cuisine. The culinary term sandwhich was said to have derived from John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwhich who commonly ate meat stuffed between pieces of bread.



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